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the 'green' easter dresses

my pretty little lovelies, with their cheeseball smiles and their easter dresses. 

each dress has a little apron, made with a vintage embroidered pillowcase that belonged to my mother.

the top is crocheted.

the buttons on the back are from my grandmother's large collection of fantastic buttons-- most of which she acquired from old clothing at a thrift store.

such a fun dress to put together. . .

how was your easter?


Beth said...

Love them!

Lisa said...

LOVE the crochet top!! Such great dresses!

Globe Packaging said...

Lovely dress such a fun dress thanks for this post Brown Paper

Anonymous said...

Love your dresses! Would you create a tutorial for making one of those dresses?

Caren with "C" said...

I love the dresses with the combination of crochet and fabric. What a wonderful idea!