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my magic wand

i {heart} crocheting.

playing with yarn is almost as much fun as playing with fabric.  combining colors, creating textures. . . all of it.

and this little beauty,


a size Q crochet hook, is like a magic wand!

do you have any idea how fast you can whip out a baby blanket with one of these?

we are talking single digit hours, here people.  SINGLE digits!!!

now i can make one for each of those new little bundles in my life, instead of picking only one per year.

i wish you could reach into the screen and feel these babies.  they are so thick and heavy, but still have lots of drape.  the gray, pink, aqua and white blanket was just done in single crochet.  took about four hours.

the purpley-pink one is a pattern called 'baby bumps' (i think?).  it is from a pattern book, but i no longer have the book-- and i don't remember what it is called.  but my goodness!  those fluffy soft bumps are so stinkin' cute.  if it didn't take so very much yarn, i think i would crochet one for myself in a big size.  but when you use 4+ strands of yarn at a time, it adds up quick.


this is my current project.  isn't it adorable?  yarn AND fabric AND my magic wand all combined into one.  fantastic.  you can get the pattern here at sheilalikestoknit etsy shop.

it is an adorable idea and the pattern is very clear and would be great for a beginner.  if you have enough experience that you are thinking you could probably figure it out yourself-- you probably could.  i love to support designers by purchasing patterns, but sometimes i kick myself for spending money on something i could do myself.

someday, i am going to create one of my own crochet patterns. . . it is on my bucket list.  any brilliant ideas?  what do you like to crochet?

happy friday!



Patty@Granma's said...

I'm just getting back into crocheting after 20 years 'break'. I love that you can make up a lovely 'anything' for not much money and that time 'between dishes and bed' when energy levels are so low, but just staring at the wall is 'not productive'.
And those baby blankets are adorable!

Lexie@BookBug said...

I love that blanket you made for Shyann! It is so soft and sturdy! Perfect for a play mat!

Creative Design said...

Leis, thank you for listing my Crochet Reversible Baby Blanket and my etsy shop link! I, too, love my magic wand! :) I appreciate the support for an indie designer and I await your own, creative, crochet patterns!