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The Costume Chronicles, Part 1

halloween. . .  my very favorite sewing holiday of the year.  and this year i have lots to share. . .

costume #1-

someone found me through the internet and asked if i could copy the top costume (which she had purchased for her older child) into a size small enough for her younger child.  no problem!  it is such a fun and easy costume.

but did you know how expensive costumes are at target?  my goodness!  when this lady contacted me, she sent the picture, but didn't mention the cost.  i added up what it would cost me to make and sent her a price, assuming my price would be quite a bit higher than target's.  after sending the price, i went to see what it was on target's website-- MORE than what i quoted!  and made from a much cheaper fabric, too.

well, i guess that just solidifies it-- i will ALWAYS be making my kiddos costumes!

just one more good reason!  (since i need so many. . .  )

ps  the 'wig' for this costume is made in a very similar way to the yarn wigs i have made in the past.  make the skull cap the same way as this tutorial (in a matching color tights, of course).  then sew using a wide zigzag, a boa onto the skull cap in a spiral, starting at the top of the head.  it doesn't need to be exact-- just make sure the skull cap is mostly covered.


nest full of eggs said...

your handmade version looks so much better than the factory made one !
and that it's less expensive, too ~ wow !

Mickel Grey said...

Looks so pretty. Must try our best discount codes on all products.