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Serger Thread Holder

Many years ago, when i first started sewing, i bought a LOT of thread.  I found large lots of thread on eBay for great prices.  But like anything, once you have all these beautiful colors of thread, you need a place to store them.  And serger thread is big!  And takes up a lot of space.

Lucky for me, my dad is a fabulous carpenter.  And apparently he loves me because he made me this:

Isn't it beautiful?  It hangs on the wall and is quite large, but looks fantastic with the stained wood and  all of the colorful thread.

Thanks Dad!


Project Run and Play

The darling ladies at Project Run and Play invited me back for the day to share in their series, Flashback May. Hop on over to take a peek!


Pioneer Bonnets

My kids go to a really great school.  Instead of typical holiday parties, my kids get to do things like have Greek festivals, and historical hat days.  And I LOVE, LOVE that my too-grown-up tweeners still want Mom to make them something to wear.

Here are there cute bonnets for historical hat day.  I followed this tutorial:  The hats were quick, easy and fit perfectly!



i'm so very excited!  today i get to guest blog over at Me Sew Crazy for K.I.D.S. Inspiration Design Series.

pop over and see what design K1 made for me to sew. . .

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The Costume Chronicles, Part 9, 10, & 11

after finishing all the other costumes i had on my agenda, i was left with a very large problem. what should i make for MY kids? for as old as they are, they are pretty good about letting me do most of the deciding on halloween costumes. (except the 'chipettes'. . . they have wanted to be the chipettes for the last several years. ummmm. . . no, thank you!) so, here we are. down to the last few days, three costumes to make and we finally agreed upon. . .


fairies.  specifically, tinkerbell and friends.  even more specifically, tinkerbell and her newest friend, periwinkle from the new movie "secret of the wings." 

and let me tell you, it took every second i could find in those three days to get these costumes done!  whew! 

The Fairies

we made dresses, wigs, slippers, feathers, accessories and wings!  oh, those fairy wings. . .  there were many different tutorials i found for fairy wings, but the one i ended up using was simply amazing.

this is what her wings looked like:

can you believe someone MADE those?  and then told us all how to make our own?  stunning!

you can find the tutorial here.

mine didn't turn out as fantastic. . . but i liked them-- despite the two hours they each took and the fact that during our halloween activities i had to 'unsquish' them every two minutes.  . .

to sell 335640

they were made with layers of tulle, ribbon and sparkly fabric.  then i used silver thread and did a satin stitch (is that what it is called?) over the top of wire.  yes, in swirls!

and this one's costume?


it also has wired running throughout it to make the edges turn up like real leaves. 

to sell 335672

and after all the hours creating these costumes, my favorite part ended up being the little slippers-- by far the easiest part of the entire process!

okay, so now you get a little picture overload.

Tinker BellTink and PeriwinkleSilvermist and Periwinkle

i am starting to think my girls are getting a little spoiled when it comes to halloween costumes.  they feel it is their 'duty' to make sure that each and every detail is exactly as it should be while i am doing the constructing.  maybe i should make them wear store bought costumes next year-- what do you think?

hmmmm. . .

nah!  what would i do for the entire month of october?  ;0)

and with that, i wish you a


Happy Halloween!


The Costume Chronicles, Part 8

jesse, the toy story cowgirl

so many fun details in this little costume!

an orange wig (tutorial here),

a halter top with collar, swirlies, buttons. . .

a circle skirt on top of a blue tutu,

a red hat,

and fringed cuffs.