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And while we are on the subject. . .

so, the original baptism dress

was made for my best friend's daughter, who turned 8 early in 2010.

(she is the photographer that took the AMAZING photos!  Can you please, please, PLEASE move closer?)

her second daughter turned 8 this spring and i got to create an entirely new look.

so, i give you baptism dress version 3.0 (modeled by k1, but made for a b):

lots of pretty ruffles,

a touch of lace,

and a ribbon sash.

the simple back.

anybody extremely quick on their feet and recognize my inspiration?


from shabby apple (where else?)

if any of you find it strange that i am making a baptism dress for an eight year old, let me explain.  we, my friend and i and our families, belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  in our religion, we give babies a name and a blessing as newborns, but do not baptize our children until they are eight.   it is a very special, sacred occasion and i feel so blessed that even though i could not be there for b's, i could be a part of it by making her special dress.

we are so proud of your decision, b!  wish we could have been there with you.



just jayma said...

Oh, I LOVE this version too!! Is it a simple modification? Instead of "bubbling" the skirt tiers, you use a small hem instead? Love it.

Anonymous said...

I've awarded you with the Versatile Blog Award. Go to my site to check it out and enjoy your award (;