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QAL- Cutting Your Fabric

Sorry it has taken so long for this. . . I seem to have sewing ADD- I can't stay focused on one thing for too long! ;0)

Here are the essentials to cutting your fabric for a quilt:

Of course, if you want a cutting ruler that isn't broken in several places, it will work, too. ;0)

I have tried doing it without these things and I DON'T recommend it!

Some people recommend washing and ironing your fabric before you cut- I definitely recommend ironing, but I don't wash the fabric. I don't really have too much of a reason, other than I am lazy.

Once you have all your supplies and fabric-- have at it! If you have a pattern- cut as directed. If you don't have a pattern- have fun! Some of my favorite quilts are made without a specific pattern.

And that's about it. Last little tidbit to leave you with-- the more accurate your cutting, the easier the sewing and quilting.


Pececito arcoiris said...

Hi, I have just reached your fantastic blog, I don't know how! And found your splendid quilts...I have always loved patchwork, but never tried...Could you give me some tips for a beginner (I am refering to someone who does not know how to use the sewing machine to obtain straight lines ;D )
Thank you for sharing your work!

ktquilts said...

I am sorry, don't all rulers look like this? Mine sure do!!! It comes from having God's two footed blessings running around interested in everything that I do!!


KT said...

That's gorgeous! I'm going to start saving my scraps. I found this via the photo you posted in the One pretty THing FLickr pool, thanks so much for uplaoding that.

Unknown said...

I love color and this is a very clever use of a scrap stash.

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