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Project Run and Play

it is here!

oh, my gosh, i am so nervous.  there are so many fun/cute/darling/vintage/stylin' outfits made by some fab designers!

you can check out all the designs and vote here.







i had so much creating and photographing this look!  i hope it will get me through to next week!  eek!

okay, one last time, here is the link.


nest full of eggs said...

I had my 4 year old daughter look through all the entries & your outfit was her favorite :)

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

this look was so much fun! I love the photos you took too. This stands out so much, as it is so different then the others. Love the different take on Back to School! Definitely something I would have worn as a kid - I was all about the funky - hello Madonna in the making!

Kristy said...

Congrats! This turned out so fun!

elizabeth said...

This is any girls' dream outfit with the twirly skirt...and the pink plaid is so cute! I really love that fabric.

{jen} iCandyhandmade said...

I loved the outfit! The layers under the skirt were perfect! The photos were great and she looked like she loved wearing it. I think any little girl would love to wear such a fun outfit.
Can't wait to see what you do next!

The Mid Life Guru said...

I voted for you. Good Luck!!

SAMZE said...

i can't believe i missed the cut off to vote for this! this was hands down my favorite outfit! this is just fab! :)