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Teacher Gifts

Sooo, last Christmas, on the last day of school, I recieved the
'Worst Mom Award.' 

My first grader got in the car and told me that everyone in her class got her teacher a gift, except for her.  And her teacher even asked her where her present was.  Bad day for Momma.

This year I could NOT let her down.  And let me tell you, if ever there was a week when a Momma could be excused from trivialities, this would be it.

But Friday morning found me at the sewing machine finishing a few of these:

(Sorry for the terrible early morning light!  Ahhh!)

These are Dana's Hobo Sacks.  So easy and fun to make.  Just the perfect size! 

And I filled them with a few of my favorite things:

Clementines and a Jamba Juice gift card.  Just the kind of thing I would love to recieve. . . hopefully they will love it as much!

Now I need some more ideas, since this is just the first of MANY, MANY years of teacher gifts.  What do you give your kid's teachers?


Stephanie said...

Those are cute! Great idea. I follow tons of craft blogs and I found this crayon wreath that I thought was so cool! I think I may have to try that sometime! I couldn't find the exact blog...but here's a similar one:

Stephanie said...
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Cold Oatmeal and Purple Cows said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I am a teacher and always love gifts from the heart. I give my children's teachers gift cards with something handmade. This year I was pressed so the handmade part was an embellished clothespin set with magnets on the back. Not that inventive... I think I will make Christmas gifts over the summer this year!

SisterlyLove said...

Oh dear! I think the teacher was in the wrong asking where the students present is! Oops!

Well, you are certainly making up for last year. That's a fabulous gift! I love it! :)


Foof4e said...

You are kidding me, the teacher actually asked?!? That is horrid. There is nothing that says you have to give anything, what if you didn't celebrate. Good grief. But I must say I really like the gift you made this year.

stephaniegiese said...

She asked?! I was an elementary school teacher for several years & I NEVER would have done that. What presumptuous, terrible manners & what if the student couldn't afford a gift? But your gift is super cute! This year we made applesauce ornaments for our preschool & Sunday school teachers, just simple little presents, but you wouldn't believe some of elaborate gifts some parents brought! When I was teaching, while I certainly appreciated the gifts, it actually annoyed me slightly when parents gave me fancy gifts because they used it as a competition amongst each other for who could afford to but the teacher the best gift & then it felt like they expected me to favor their child because they gave me a nice holiday gift. I very much preferred the simple ornaments or a $5 gift card with a nice handwritten note thanking me for making a difference in their child's life.

Oh, and no candles or coffee mugs. I could have a yard sale made up entirely of candles & coffee mugs. :P

Anonymous said...

I have never bought a teacher a gift, and my kids are in their teens. Teachers here in Ontario make alot of money, so I prefer to donate time, help, and supplies when needed. We do however make them a nice card with a nice sentiment and perhaps some home baking.
Your gift was lovely...but I don't think it was appropriate for the teacher to ask?!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Mindy Kuen said...

I think your bag is fab!
But what kind of person ASKS where a gift is?! And from a little child too? I have to say I am glad you didn't give one last year to that teacher - sounds like she's a bit greedy & didn't really deserve a gift.

The Cooper Family said...

Wow I cant believe a teacher would ask that!

Your bag is very cute, and I love it with the oranges and Jamba juice card.

This year we made craft aprons for the teachers to put pencils, scissors, etc in. My boys (1st and 2nd grades) got to help me use the sewing machine for the first time, and were so proud! Their teachers loved them!

Kathy said...

this year I gave the teachers a gift card for Panera Bread, a handmade ornament, and some scented anti bacterial soap. With all the germs floating around the school, I figured they could use it.

applesofgold said...

I am my kids' teacher...being a homeschooler and all. This year, I'm being very generous to myself and giving myself a nap. ;)

Actually, I'm working on a quilt for myself....I've made many quilts in my life, but have never ever kept one for myself. So....Merry Christmas to ME! Yippee!!!!

Beth said...

Cute bags, and great filllings! Although, I kinda feel its lame that a teacher would ASK a student for a gift. Not cool. But awesome gifts!