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Sooooo. . . I have this issue with whoever came up with ROY G BIV.  I have always loved rainbows and colorful things.

But what is with the indigo?  Three primary colors, three secondary colors and. . . one tertiary color?  Why? If indigo is in the rainbow, then orange/red, and yellow/green should also be there, shouldn't they?  Was indigo just added so that they could have a cute little acronym for the elementary art students?


Despite my issues, this ROY G BIV Can-Can skirt actually turned out rather cute and bright.

What do you think?


Cynthia said...

So adorable I want two for my girls for pictures!!!

Desi said...

So pretty! I might have to attempt at making one of these!

Also, If I remember correctly, they took Indigo out of the "scientific rainbow".

Photo Mommy said...

My daughter would LOVE IT! It would also make an adorable photo prop.

Kell said...

Good thing my Peach is laying down watching some Wizards on DVR or she would be begging me to make this RIGHT NOW! I love it, super great job.

Amanda said...

This made me laugh...whenever i make rainbow things I always skip indigo!

Love the skirt!


Stephanie Rose said...

Love this!! I have been wanting to purchase Made's pattern, but am unsure where to buy the chiffon on the east coast - (I live in a small southern town where I have to travel 60 miles to a fabric store). Any suggestions?

The Sewing Dork said...

I think - whatever you call it - it's amazing! Oh, what I wouldn't have done for one of these as a little girl!

Tringali Family said...

Very cute Leisel!

dana said...

Okay, that's so funny...I attempted making a rainbow one a year ago and gave up b/c it was looking too crazy to me but seeing yours completed, it's really cute! I'm glad you stuck with it :)