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In the News. . .

Thank you for all your kind words.   You all made me feel so much better!  And it is amazing how it only takes one 'real' family issue to remind you how silly all your previous complaints were.

But anyway. . .

Just wanted to make you aware of a couple of fun items in the news.

First, Ashley at Lil Blue Boo is hosting another design contest.  YES!!!  Can I just tell you how much fun these are?  I have so many ideas, hopefully I will find time to make a couple!

Second, Sew Mama Sew is hosting another giveaway day.  Yay! 

So tell me, what is your favorite giveaway to enter?  Do you prefer fabric or patterns, like me?  Or do you like homemade items?


Arnden said...

I am glad people where able to help you feel better about your 'issue'. Isn't it nice how complete strangers can help you understand and seeing things in a different light.
As for giveaways, I like both kinds. I love fabric or a fun new pattern, but I also love handmade things. When they are relevant to my likes, I really love anything. I think it is great to win something someone has made as in my family I am the only crafty person so unless I make it no one does.

Andrea @ said...

I prefer supplies!

Just read about your bad day. Oh my, that was a doozie!

Lexie said...

Tell me how you put the link buttons in the footer of your blog posts! I've been trying to figure that out for days!