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Costume Party: The Musketeers, Part 3

Part 3, the Top.

Materials needed:

1/2 yard of crushed panne
elastic thread
basic sewing supplies

For the shirt portion of the costume, I used a peasant shirt pattern. I think I have about 3 to choose from. . . If you have one hanging around that is short sleeved, use it to cut out your pieces.

If you don't have one, and you have a little gumption-- try making your own!  It is a simple pattern, with only two main pieces that look like this:

The Body Pattern (front and back)

The Sleeve Pattern (cut 2)

Both the neckline and the bottom of the sleeve need to have a little extra length added to be able to add a gathered effect on it.  Just measure your little musketeer and do a little multiplication.

The long straight lengths on the sleeve should be about 2 times the measurement you get from your little one.

For the horizontal lines on the body, multiply by about 1.5.

Sew the angled sides of the sleeve to the angles on the front and back of the shirt, then sew the side seam from the bottom of the sleeve all the way to the hem of the shirt. 

Now all you have to do is finish the edges.  I used my rolled hem edge on my serger.  It created a kind of lettuce edge, because the panne is stretchy.  Then I shirred three lines around the bottom of the sleeves and three lines around the neckline. 

If you don't know how to shir, Ruffles and Stuff has a great tutorial here.

You can also just make a casing at the neckline and sleeve hem and thread elastic through, if you prefer.

And that is it! 

Coming soon:  The Musketeer Cape!


applesofgold said...

I'm caught up...well, sort of. I made the skirts today. We are using some petty skirts that we already had, and probably gonna just use some white peasant shirts for the tops. I'm running dangerously close to being out of pink fabric that I had picked up at a yard sale (my 8 year old wanted to be the pink one) but still have plenty of the teal and purple. I'm hoping to save the remainder of the pink for the cape...and hopefully that adorable corset/belt thingie you have. Can't wait to get the instructions on how to make really MAKES the costume.

We also found some very cheap Musketeer hats at the Halloween Store, I think I either need to spray paint them, or cover them. And LARGE feathers to stick in the side of the hat.

It's all coming together so nicely! Thanks for posting these instructions!

my mudda' calls me jack said...

SOO HAPPY TO SEE THIS. My girls have been wanting to be the barbie musketeers for months and I was planning on making the costumes, AND NOW YOU HAVE TAKEN CARE OF ALL THE BRAIN WORK!!! Thank you soooo much!