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Costume Party: The Musketeers, Part 1

So, I was thinking, for the month of September we could start working on those Halloween costumes.  I am going to share some ideas with you from some of the costumes I have made in the past.  And since costumes are so much fun to make, who knows what else we may come up with? 

To start with, I am going to share tutorials on how to make yourself a Musketeer costume.

I love these costumes and I wish that I could make a set for all those Barbie loving girls out there. . . I really do.  Since that just isn't a possibility, I will share my processes with you so you can make your own!

For part 1, the skirt. 
(I will be making the tutorials in size 5T.  You can add a little length for older kids or shorten for smaller sizes.)

Materials needed:

1/2 yard crushed panne fabric in color of choice
approx. 2/3 yard of 1 inch wide elastic
basic sewing supplies


Cut one strip of fabric 10 inches by width of fabric (approx. 56")  for the main skirt piece.  Cut one strip of fabric 6 inches by 30 inches long.  Because panne is a stretchy fabric, you need to make sure the long side of each piece is cut perpendicular to the selvedge.


Hem the bottom of the skirt piece, or finish with a rolled hem edge.

With right sides together, stitch the short ends of the skirt together.  Gather the top of the skirt portion.

With right sides together, stitch the waistband together along the short ends.  Attach the gathered end of the skirt to the waistband.

Create an elastic casing at the edge of the waistband and thread your elastic through.  Finish it off and voila!

Your first piece is done.  Only 6 more pieces to go. . .


Tringali Family said...

These are the cutest costumes ever! Although I will definitely not be able to attempt at making them this year.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

These are amazing!! My daughter would love these. We are total Barbie movie fans in these parts.

applesofgold said...

I was scouring the internet for how to make a Barbie 3 Musketeer costume for my kids this Halloween (how lucky am I to be blessed with 3 little Barbie girls?!?!) and I came across your blog! Excellent! These costumes are fantastic!!!! I can't wait to start sewing! Gonna start the skirts tonight....I found yards and yards of fabric at a yardsale last week and picked up up for $2. In pink, purple, and teal! I'm all set!

Melissa said...

This must be how I found your blog because I remember the original posts and marveling at how you made all those costumes. We love the movie(s) here as well, super big Barbie fans. I won't be making the costume this year but maybe next! Thanks for sharing.

La Yen said...

This is so much cuter than the store bought one! I am totally doing this for my girl. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for this pattern. My 4 year old told me she wanted to be a barbie musketeer this year, but she didn't like the costume that was available for purchase. The one I made turned out beautiful! I am so glad I was able to locate your tutorial online, I really appreciate it.

Sara said...

Oh THANK YOU!!!!! My daughter whose 4 had been telling me this is what she wants to be for Halloween since seeing the movie and I have been very baffled as to how I was going to pull it off. I was even thinking of convincing her to be something else. But I wont this is PERFECT!!! Thank you!!!!!