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Summer has Arrived!

Summer vacation that is.
As far as summer weather goes, we still haven't had a decent spring here in Idaho.

The last day of school- wahoo! And for an end-of-the-year teacher's gift, I used this idea for a candy-gram in a pail. A little over-done and slightly cheesy, I know. But fun and easy and a perfect gift FROM a child. Here is my/K1's version:

The front of the pail,

and the back.

The pail came from Michaels and I found that one of the best places for candy is the Dollar Store.

Here is the totally original, completely un-cheesy note (NOT!!!) that we came up with for our present:

Feel free to plagiarize as desired. ;0) If for any reason you want a copy of it in Word, just send me an email and I will attach it for you.

But, since everyone else in the world is already done with school and enjoying fabulous beachy weather, I suppose my thoughts are sort of irrelevant.

Oh, well. At least I had something to post about. . . ;0)

Here's hoping your summer is sunnier than ours!


The Sewing Dork said...

I wanted to eat your teacher note!
I can't believe you get summer vacation already. Ours is only 2 months long - July and August. Your kids must be over the moon!

adventure knitter said...

What a GREAT idea! I wonder if I have the energy to put that together before the last day of school (i'm being induce with baby #4 in 9 days).

Lisa said...

What an awesome idea!

Janna said...

I just HAVE to comment:) - We here in SW WA don't get out until June 18th:( And we have been having bleak ol rain here too! Was awesome and sunny today but supposed to rain again tomorrow. Come on summer!!!

Tringali Family said...

Super cute idea!

Little Treasures said...

I love all the things that inspired you! They are my inspiration too!

Here, the children finish school in about two days (on the 10th of June). Being a teacher, I am even more excited than the children :)-

Mike said...

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