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Pay it Forward

So, Lisa S. from 'So You Think You Can Quilt' has inspired me. She is a giver. As a matter of fact, all those fabulous quilts that she whips up have all gone to someone else. Wow. Generous.

I have always wanted to donate more with my sewing-- but something else always seems more important at the time. You know, like fantastic Halloween costumes or Pattern Makeover Month. Important stuff like that. ;0)

K1 goes to a school where they have several service projects going on throughout the year and each summer the students are expected to 'Pay It Forward.' Now, I'm no super-mom, but I DO know that the best way to teach a child is through example.

So, I'm going to use Lisa's example to be an example to my kiddos and use your help and give some stuff away. Sound good?

Okay, here's the deal. Each month I am going to pick a cause to make something for. If you want to join me, I will provide a way to link up. At the end of the month, whoever actually finished something to contribute will be entered into a giveaway. (Don't know what they are yet-- may be something cool-- but will probably just be some fabric or scraps or something totally boring-- but this isn't really about GETTING stuff, it's about GIVING stuff, right?)

Sound good? Great. So here is what I have planned for July--

Giving Back to our Communities

My goal is to make 5 drawstring bags using some of my scraps by the end of July.

(yes, I am doing two in July-- both have deadlines! Should have started in June. . .)

My goal is to make 10 quilt blocks in July. Another great scrap buster!

So, click on the pictures, find out more info, look through your scraps to see if you can part with a few and come back here on July 1 to tell me your giving-goal. Yay! Can't wait to get started!


Lisa Marie said...

Awwww, YAY! This makes me happy. I hope you meet all of your goals. I'm actually working on quilting 3 baby quilts for my charity challenge today, so it's funny you posted this today. =]
I don't know when I'll be working on the Rainbow project blocks, but I will be going to Nashville in August to hand deliver, and also pick up tops to bring home and quilt! So excited!
Can't wait to see your progress!

Little Treasures said...

What a wonderful idea! I know it'll turn out great!

lorena said...

Thanks for the Rainbow Around the Block reminder. I just finished up a few blocks for it thanks to your post I read last night. ;) & I may have to join you in sewing up some bags for Operation Care Package. Both are great causes, thanks for making me aware of the Caring Communities one.

Melanie said...

yay! Thank you!