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My Favorite 'Stuff'

I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my

three little girlies.

But I have to admit, most days I feel like my job is more of the-STUFF-person of the family-- getting the 'stuff', organizing the 'stuff', getting rid of the 'stuff', cleaning the 'stuff'. . .

And we don't even have that much 'stuff'.

It seems like such a waste of time when I think about it too long.

But there is one catagory of 'stuff' that I really don't mind--


I have AT LEAST a couple year's supply of fabric. And even with all the 'stuff', I can't seem to stop gathering MORE of it.

Do they have a 'fabri-holics-annonymous'?

I may just have an addiction. . . ;0)

Here is where I enjoy purchasing my favorite stuff:

Jo-Ann's and Hancock Fabrics provide anything I need right now and most of my sewing basics (batting, muslin, needles, thread, etc.). Fortunately for me, we have one of each only about 8 minutes away. I don't usually buy any quilting fabric at these stores-- their quilting fabrics just can't compare!

My favorite designer quilting fabric store is Hawthorne Threads. They have great prices that actually get lower the more you buy, they ship fast and they have all my favorite fabrics! The only bummer is that they are so popular that many times they are out of a couple of the fabrics I am wanting.

Another good place for quilting fabric is Quilt Home. There prices are a little high, but if you sign up for their newsletter they send coupons for 20% or more off on a certain designer's fabric quite often. And shipping is free if you spend more than $50.

Etsy is another place where you can find good deals on designer quilting fabric. If you are looking for a specific print, you can usually find the cheapest price on Etsy-- just don't forget the shipping costs. Etsy is also a good place to find Japanese prints. Someday. . .

Lately I have been really into knit fabrics. There are three online stores that are my favorite for knits:

CryBabys Boutique has some darling knits! And when you sign up for an account, they immediately send you a 10% off coupon for your order! Not too bad. . .

The Fabric Fairy has the biggest selection of knits I have ever seen! And they are all really high quality fabrics. Again, signing up for a newletter gets you some coupon codes. . .

And my very favorite online fabric store (for the moment!) is: Their apparel fabric is the cheapest I have ever found! My only word of caution-- when purchasing apparel fabric, make sure you are familiar with the TYPE of fabric you are buying. For instance, have an understanding of the feel and weight of 'cotton lawn' before purchasing any online. Although, if you spend $35, it is free shipping and free returns. Can't get much better than that!

The last place I find fabric-- thrift stores! Sheets are cheap and have TONS of fabric! You can also find some many clothes to upcycle-- SO MANY!!! Just take the time to find things you really like and that are not over-priced. Yes, some thrift stores over-price.

And that's it! Have fun shopping. And if any of you know of any other online stores that sell knit fabrics for a reasonable price, let me know! ;0)


Melissa Stramel said...

Ditto on fabriholics!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about "reasonably priced" (but certainly not UNreasonably priced!), but my favorite store for clothing fabric (and knits) is
She also gives pattern recommendations for most of her fabrics, which is cool!

Natalie said...

Great post and good links!

bec said...

bless you for the knit links. i've had the hardest time finding knits that i like