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Where, Oh, Where is Spring?

I love spring. I love the colors, the sunshine, the clothes, the flowers- everything! When we were living in Vegas, springtime came on February 1st- at the latest. Which was perfect. Here in Idaho, it is almost March and we keep getting snow! Yuck! I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather. So is my hubby. Hmmm, I wonder how long it will be before we move {again}?

Anyway, sewing little strappy sundresses is one of my favorite spring activities. And this year, I am getting an early start. Using recycled t's even. Can't get much better than that!

The pattern is from Lil Blue Blue and is super easy and fun! It doesn't take much time and doesn't cost hardly anything because you use recycled t-shirts. Highly recommend it!


Leslie said...

so cute!!!!

Barb said...


Dee said...

Way cute and I love the 'tude!

Indiana just got snow AGAIN and I'm sew ready for warmer weather. Last year it was warmer in Alaska than here! Sheesh!

Brooke said...

Obviously insanely cute. Duh.