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It's About Time . . .

Ummm, last spring I think it was, Old Red Barn did a quilt-a-long. I joined in, but it has taken until this week to finish. Hmmm.

Sometimes, when I take a while {forever} to finish a quilt, I lose interest in all of it and ends up not being my favorite. Thankfully, even with the time passing, I still really like this one. The fabrics are fabulous and I believe it is my largest quilt to date and get this-- no puckers on the back! Wow. I am quite proud of myself. ;o)

(Do you like our new tax refund couch? We haven't had a couch for over a year- so glad we have something to sit on!)

Did any of you participate in the quilt-a-long? I would love to see your quilts!


Leigh said...

Ohh that's gorgeous!!! I love all the colors. It looks nice on your new couch! I participated too, and umm... Mine is still just a top! I did buy batting and backing fabric recently, but then I got home and thought of something else the backing would be perfect for, so... still just a top! lol

Lisa said...

I'm like Leigh, I have the top done, but it's not quilted yet. Here's mine.

I already have the batting and backing, I guess I just need to get it done!

P.S. Thanks for the confession, it's nice to know others out there haven't finished the quilt along yet. LOL

Valerie said...

I did one, and for a procrastinator extraordinaire like myself, I'm proud to say that I actually finished it late last summer! Here's the link:

Leslie said...

this is beautiful. i wanted to participate in it...i have the fabric for it, but i never have made it. someday! yours looks amazing...great fabrics

Dee said...

Love the back of this quilt as much as the front!

Congratulations on the finish. Fabulous, fabulous quilt!

Lisa Marie said...

I really, really like that a lot!
I think that might be part of the reason I never have UFOs.
1) I can't stand to have stuff laying around that's been started and needs finished. I finish stuff as soon as possible.
2) I might do that because I'm afraid if I let it sit, I won't have any interest in it by the time it's done!
I really like those fabrics!

Barb said...

Yours turned out so wonderful...I did the quilt along too...was alot of fun!