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Several people have asked if in "So You Think You Can Quilt" the contestants can make just quilt tops or if they have to be finished, quilted quilts. My original thought was quilted and bound quilts. But I am starting to think I am just a crazy, addicted seamstress and that perhaps others don't find as much time as I do to sew and that asking people to complete one quilt a month is just insane.

So, I need some help. What do you think? What would you prefer to see, completed quilts or would just a quilt top be enough?

Please leave me a comment and let me know.


Dee said...

ooohhh...toughie! A quilt a month is a lot to ask...that's what put me off...but the idea of unfinished projects of that magnitude frightens me too! LOL

Clueless, as usual!

Holly said...

perhaps you could remove the size restrictions. one month someone might be able to pump out a great big something, the next only something small.

i agree with dee. all those unfinished projects would be scary.

Barb said...

completed but...may need more than one month

Eve said...

I would suggest alternating a doll quilt for the larger sizes every other month. A larger quilt every other month wouldn't be quite so much to bite off.

Needled Mom said...

If you are talking full size quilts, I would say it is a bit much. If it is a Schnibbles or something "smallish" I would definitely say it should be completed to count.

Holly said...

I think a complete quilt a month would be CRAZY hard.
What about a quilt square even?
I mean how many "doll" quilts can one really need?

Lisa said...

I think a baby size is great, but what if you don't have anyone to give them too? Of course here I have lots of people to give them too. The cost is what's holding me back. I'm sure I could do a baby quilt a month, but I don't know if I could afford it :)

I would say completed... but maybe sizes should be baby, doll, lap, quilters choice & twin?, that would give a variety. And only 5 months with 5 quilts. 10 months is a long time. Or maybe 5 quilts in 10 months, with a "sneak peak" (a photo of a small portion of the quilt, or some of the fabric used) of the quilt in progress at each one month mark.

It that is confusing just call me :)

Lisa Marie said...

I've been trying to find you additional contestants but my friends either can't quilt the quilt tops in the time period, or they are saving all of their quilt tops with hopes of getting a longarm. I did have one friend that sent in her entry photos, though.
While making a quilt a month and having it completed sounds difficult, if you read my blog post I just posted, I realize that it's not an unattainable goal!
For some, it is. Either way is fine with me.
There may be some months I'll have no problem and others (like May, MQS is in May) where I might be down to the wire to finish.
I just like the idea of HAVING to have them completely finished because I'm afraid otherwise, I'll never get them quilted!

Kathy said...

Since the quilting can really make or break a quilt, I think they should be quilted and bound. I like the idea of a smaller size though. How about 24 by 24 inches? Big enough but not too small...and since they are all the same size, you would have an entire collection to showcase.

Lisa Marie said...

I think there should be a minimum size, yes but not a rule stating the EXACT size. We're supposed to interpret the theme however we see fit. That leaves a lot of room for differences in designs, therefore differences in size.

Missy Melissy said...

Hi there. I'm afraid if it has to be quilted I will have to withdraw my nomination of myself. There is no way I can do that in a month! But don't let me influence you . . .I'll still play along some months!

julie said...

I don't think a small quilt finished in a month is too much to ask. Maybe the size can be 36" sq max with a min of 18" to 24".
What would you do with them? If you haven't got little girls with dolls, I'm sure you have friends that do. They would make nice birthday party presents.
Or maybe your local hospital would appreciate some donations for the neo-natal ward. These would be used to cover the isolets that the premmie babies are placed in.
We all have scraps of fabrics and batting, so the cost wouldn't be that much and everyone would be using up so minimal cost could be achieved. These smaller quilts don't need elaborate quilting designs on them, they are small enough to be done on your domestic machine with just a walking foot.
Don't make things hard for yourself, just simple and fun.
Just my thoughts.

refibered said...

I do think they should be finished. That's why they call it a "quilt"! lol

How about a minimum/maximum size that encompasses doll quilts (16" to 22" per side) up to crib/toddler size (45" x 60").

Yes, it will likely be a stretch to complete a quilt a month. But better to require it, than have some contestants do it and some not.

Perhaps you could give the contestants an extra week -- by providing the theme a few days before announcing it on the blog? Maybe when voting starts. But contestants would have to realize that one person won't be participating in the next month's challenge.

hmmm, tough call.

Joanie said...

It depends .. One consideration is if you are looking for design/color/precision contestants or if you are looking for LA quilters. If you are looking to spotlight some incredible piecer/designers then don't require the quilting. By requiring quilting you are eliminating people who cannot afford a LA machine or a good LA quilter. Many quilters cannot afford a sewing machine that can do the quilting. I know that exceptional quilting can change a so-so quilt into a show-stopper and that's a good reason to eliminate the quilting. Heck, exceptional quilting can turn a plain piece of fabric into a fabulous quilt. If this is a LA competition then that should be the primary focus. If it's a piecing/design/color competition then that should be the focus and tops only should be required. You just can't mix the two.

Melissa Stramel said...

Okay Leisel. It's me again. Does the quilt have to be quilted by the person entering? I don't own a long arm quilter, and there's usually quite a wait to get one finished. But my friend Lisa Marie (also signed up for the contest) says she will get mine done too. I don't often quilt on my little machine as the results just aren't the same. I mean I can stitch in the ditch and some free motion, but it's really not my strong point. I'm a piecer . . . just some more thoughts.

Lisa Marie said...

I wondered about that too... being able to quilt Melissa's for her on the longarm. Man, this is getting all kinds of complicated!

Joanie said...

Another thing I am wondering about is if this is for established designers/quilters or if it's for aspiring quilters. They are two distinct groups. Most of these type of competitions are for unknowns who want to make a name for themselves. Is that what you are looking for or are you looking for the best of the best... major ribbon winners and published designers?

Alisa said...
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refibered said...

Along the lines of what Joanie has just said, I was thinking that there might be two categories, domestic machine and LAs. This could solve a couple of issues by having them due at different times, for example:

Category LA theme announcement Jan 22, due date Feb 15. Category DSM January 30, due date Feb 23.

Additionally, you could have just 6/7/8 in each category, and give a little longer due date.

Would definitely be a slightly more complicated contest(s), but could be more evenly matched for the contestants. (Pitting DSM against LA is a bit like a minor league/major league match up.)

Not that I've given this any thought at all! lol