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Christmas Scrappy Quilt Block Swap

So- call me crazy, but I signed up to be part of a Scrappy Christmas Block Swap on ModernJax. I made twelve scrappy Christmas-y blocks and sent two to six different people. And one extra block that goes to the lady oranizing the event, who is going to make an extra quilt to donate to charity. It is kinda cool, actually. I sent quilt blocks to Florida, Utah, Cali, South Carolina, Arizona and even Norway! In return, they send me two blocks each, so I end up with twelve blocks made by different people around the world to make a scrappy Christmas quilt. I am excited to see what I get in the mail.
I have to admit, though, a part of me wants to keep my blocks and just make a quilt out of them as they turned out really fun. But I think the swap will be awesome, too.


Marit said...

Hi Leisel! I am one of those lucky ladies who is about to receive 2 of your pretty bloks. The one in Norway. I can see why it was hard to part with them, they are so pretty. I have started making mine, and it is nice to see what kind of colors you are using / liking, so I can try to match your choices... Oh, I cant wait!

Lisa said...

I love those blocks too! And I love your new header with new title! So creative and great picture!

Nicole said...

I got my blocks today, and THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Talk about setting the bar high! :)

Marit said...

I received my blocks today, and they are georgeous, just like Nicole says. I have posted mine, and hopefully they will arrive within a week?
Thank you, Leisel!