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Flights of Fancy/Shirring Week

I always have so many projects going at once, that I can often constuct similiar parts from various projects all at once, thus saving me some time. For example, I have about six projects out of the Flights of Fancy fabric that I have going right now. And I also have about six projects that need to be shirred. A couple of them overlap. So, I shir everything at once, meaning I only have to use my elastic thread once instead of once a week for the next several months. I don't know if that makes any sense, whatsoever, but it works for me!

Although, now that I think about it, it probably isn't the most effective way to actually FINISH things. . . but, whatever.

Don't you just LOVE Flights of Fancy? I wish I had a whole bolt of each of them! I am sure I will never run out of ideas for this fabric!!!


Bridget said...

I do love this material! It reminds me of being a little fanciful kid in the 70's...yes the 70's!

So excited for the quilt...NO rush...just excited!

Lacey Bates said...

I love those designs!