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A Finish and a Confession

The second of the twin quilts is finished! Hooray! It is the second girl quilt and I think I love it even more than the first one. My favorite color has always been purple, and while I was making these quilts I realized that I really like the cool color tones. The first quilt, with only pink and yellow is very cute, but the blues and greens in this quilt make me love it even more!

(My model is so good to wear coordinating jammies in BOTH quilt pictures! ;0)

I'm not sure I like this binding as well as the first, but I am running out of fabric. It was this or nothing! ;0)

And now, my confession. On my previous quilts (there is one you haven't seen yet!), I didn't hand sew the binding. I cheated and used a clear thread on my machine. But this time, I actually hand stitched it. And it took FOREVER!!! My mom never liked hand stitching and now I know why. I can not even imagine how long it will take me to bind a bigger quilt. Wow! But it does look very nice that way, so I guess I will suck it up and work on it.


Janice said...

Hello!! I am first time visitor. I pushed next blog on my blog page and it brought me to your blog. Such a cute blog. I love this quilt that you have completed. The colors are wonderful. I see that you are LDS. I am also. Kind of fun to run into your blog. I'll have to come back and visit. Have a great day!!

MLE said...

Your quilts are so pretty, and the fabric is all so bright. love it! thanks for sharing!!

Stephanie said...

That quilt is beautiful! Love the colors too! When I have my next baby...I'm going to pay you to make me one of these! :)

Lisa said...

So nice! I love the color and your model it too cute. Where ever did you find her? :)

I went to a binding class at Quiltique and suprisingly I love hand binding. I'm much better at it than crocheting, which is nice. The teacher said that everything that would be washed a LOT, she machine sewed. All the quilts that only got washed once in a while or once a month she would handbind.

Lacey Bates said...

Those are amazing!!! I too love the colors! You did an excellent job! Looks so professional! And you did the binding by hand......AMAZING!!!