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Little Sis's B-Day!

Okay, so I can't wait any longer to share. . . Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and her husband is suprising her tonight by bringing her here to Twin! Yeah! So, of course I had to create something fun for her! First things first-- a cake! I decided to go totally untraditional and use an idea I found on Little Birdie Secrets and Angry Chicken. Cupcakes. . . in a jar!!! So cute! Here is how they turned out:

Next up- gifts, of course. First, I found this incredible blog that has inspired me to take up quilting. Previously I have been afraid to quilt as I hate ironing and I never figured out how I was actually going to quilt the quilt. But I have made my peace with the iron and learned that it is possible to quilt on my machine.

A while back, Lacey and her hubby visited Hawaii (for the second time, I might add-- when is it my turn?). She brought me back a cute little charm pack of fabric in Hawaiian prints. What better to do with them than to make her a quilt? Especially since she is officially our family's "Tropical Girl." Her wedding was even a tropical theme! So here it is-- one of my first attempts at a quilt (my version of this):

I even added a little tag with my name on it:

Hard to see, I know. It ended up being REALLY little- but cute! I didn't add batting to this quilt and I put microfleece on the back so it ended up being a really thin, but warm blankie. I really like the thickness of it.
The next gift was inspired by this blog post. Here is the original:

And my version:

I am pretty happy with it, although it did turn out a little bigger than I planned. And my, it took HOURS! But I learned a lot and it is for my sister, after all. I even sewed the little name tag on it:

So fun! Okay, so here it all is. My masterpiece!!! He, he, he!

Happy Birthday, Lacey!


Lisa said...

I LOVE crazy mom quilts blog!! She has inspired me to quilt too, even if I haven't even started one yet (does it count if I have lots of fabric?).

I love your quilt and all your presents too. Lucky Lacey!

lyndsey said...

um, did i never know this blog existed till now? geez, sorry. i love all your stuff! these presents are adorable and i also love the sock monkies :) i will be a regular reader from now on!