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Any Suggestions?

Okay, I have never been good at pre-washing my fabrics. Perhaps it was because of my extreme dislike of the iron. . . I don't really know. But I have begun to try to pre-wash my fabrics-- and this is what I got!

A nice little nest of strings. And this was AFTER I managed to free all the fabric from this tangled mess. So, any ideas what the trick is? How do I avoid having a huge tangled mess after washing?

Huh. It is kinda cute, though. I wonder if I could use it for something. . . ;0)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I always have tangles like that after pre-washing. I always like to pre-wash, but Crazy Mom Quilts doesn't. Don't know why, she wouldn't discuss it. LOL

I have bought a few kits from Quiltique that the pieces are sooo small that I don't dare pre-wash. I might end up with tangled thread instead of a 2x2 square!