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Tulle Galore!

This year is the first year that I have truly been excited about Halloween. And it is because I made fabulous costumes for all of us girls! I found some darling ones on ebay (they were selling for $150 a piece!!!) and knew I could make them for much less. This is the fabulous costumes that I attempted to re-create: and . In all Brooke and I made 8 tutus, three corset tops, 3 capes, 2 shirred tops, and numerous accessories. And yes, that means that Brooke and I wore tutus as well, although we did not manage to get any pictures (darn it! ;0).

I learned many things while making these different costumes. My favorite was how to shir. Kamber and Kira's tops have shirring in the back. I will have to get a picture. . .

I also learned that satin ribbon pulls out very easily, that cheap costume satin is very difficult to work with, I STILL can't figure out how to applique and that I need to start sooner next year!!

Take a look at all these tutus!

Macey, as Sleeping Beauty (Hers turned out so pretty! It is hard to see, but we added a little skirt over the top of her tutu that completed the outfit--and it turned out the first time I put it together! Yeah!)

Brighton, as Snow White (The cape was fun to make-- it took a little while to figure out how to do the white collar. . . I can't believe it turned out so well!)

Faith, as Cinderella (this is the back of the corset tops-- love it!)

Kira, as Snow White (I shirred the back of her shirt. It turned out so cute! And was so fun to do!)

Kamber, as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

And Kendi, as Little Tinker Bell (Ummm, yeah, I ran out of time on hers. . . she still looked cute! And thought the tulle was really fun to eat- whatever!)


Stephanie said...

I have been meaning to comment on your did an awesome job!! I can't even imagine making something that extravagant! Hats off to you.

Lisa said...

The turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I am going to have to make something like that for Hannah. Maybe if I start now, she can wear it for Halloween next year ;)