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Honestly. . .

Honestly, I never, ever thought I would be into crafts. When I was little and my mom made crafts at Homemaking, I thought it was a silly waste of time and money. I did learn a little sewing, however when my mom taught us a 4-H class. Again, I never really got into it, but now I am glad that I learned a little.

After having Kira and staying at home all day, every day, I started to realize I needed something to do for me in order to keep my sanity. At an Enrichment meeting that I only attended because I was in charge of it, I learned how to make rag quilts-- very simple and sooo cute! I also learned a little about crocheting-- something I had NEVER done!!!

And thus began my crafting career. Now I can't seem to get enough-- can't find enough room to fit all my craft supplies, can't find enough time to make everything I want to make and most of all, can't find enough money to pay for all my crafts!

This blog is a place for me to share a few of the fun things I am working on. Hope I don't bore you too much!


Lisa said...

I love this blog! What a cute name for it too!! I love your "list of projects" to make. I don't think you'll have any problem finding things to do when Kendi goes to school :)

Brooke said...

Yay!!!! I love it!! This is so fun! Will you be my own personal teacher?? puullleeeaasseeee??? I can't wait until you feel all better then we can have marathon craft days!! That will ROCK! Love you!!

Bridget said...

Crafting is a very noble profession to be in and you are well on your way in your crafting career!