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Baby Gifts

I love making baby gifts! I was so excited when my sister Lexie got pregnant so that I could finally make some baby gifts for my side of the family. What a bummer that I then broke my elbow and can't seem to accomplish any of the tasks I had planned. But maybe she will just get them a little late.

I have enjoyed making gifts for my sisters-in-laws as well. Kendi will make 9 grandbabies on Brandon's side of the family, and Kira and Kamber are the two oldest, so that has kept me plenty busy! One of the things I have made is diaper bags. This is the one I made for Lacey's newest little girl, Cheyenne, as well as a few headbands.

This was another gift for a baby boy. One of my very first quilts. I have so much fun finding and working with new and different colors! I think that is one of my very favorite parts of crafting-- the COLORS!!!

I wish I had a few more pictures of my past projects. . . a few of them were really fun! But I will add a few more as I go. And PLEASE don't laugh at my list of projects. I told you I was addicted, didn't I???


Lisa said...

I love all the colors you've chosen, they look great!

I quilt and diaper bag are so beautiful. I am just amazed by the things that you do!!

Brooke said...

I LOVE those bows. I LOVE that quilt. Will you make MEEE a quilt???!!! A soft cuddly one??!?! Oh yea... you have 1903 other projects to do!! Okay... I'll wait..................................................................................

Brianne said...

Cute ideas!! I know I love the stuff you made Carter...he uses his blanket all the time and the diaper bag is so're very talented.

Bridget said...

Love your new crafting blog! Your projects are so professional looking!

Sometime this summer I would love to come over and have you show me how you crocheted the blanket that you gave to Kim Garlick's baby. I am sure that I can speak for Lisa Casey in saying that she would want to come to!

Kevin and Stephanie said...

Hello! Great blog. I love all of your projects. I really love the headbands, what did you use for the band?