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kiddo crafts, part 1

in my opinion, kids and crafts do NOT go together.  crafting is mommy-time, not kid-time.

but as the girlies are getting older, they are kindly begging and pleading to be included in all the craft madness strewn throughout the house.

pinterest to the rescue!

it is full of ideas for kids from all those perfect moms, who do fabulous crafts for their home AND fun kid crafts.

so, i have reluctantly included a few kid crafts into the mix here at home.  and-- it has been kinda fun.

one of the first on the list is magnetic paper dolls.

when i was a kid, i played with paper dolls that my mom had meticulously cut out as a girl from the McCall's magazine.  amazingly, those paperdolls lasted through two generations of play.  (it sort of makes me wonder what is wrong with my kiddos-- nothing they have is going to last until the next generation-- least of all paper dolls!!!)

anywho--  when i found this fabulous site, Teri's Paper Doll Scans, i sort of got a crush.  okay, a MAJOR crush.  combine that with the idea of putting the paper dolls on magnetic paper from one pearl button, and you have a magic!

now, the only problem is whether or not share with the girlies. . .

 i made lots and lots of sets, cause you know me-- i can't settle on just one. 

we made some for k2's teacher as an end-of-the-year gift, since she mentioned how very cool they were when k2 brought them for show-and-tell.  and oh!  they look so cute in their cozy little tin (gift card holder for $1).

there are nurses and babies, teens and toddlers, dresses and jammies, pets and more!  all in vintage colors and styles that make my heart go 'pitter-pat'.

i think my faves are the ones below-- the liddle kiddles.  they are chubby and cartoony with darling little outfits and names like 'surfy' and 'bunson'.

now, i just need to invest in one of these doo-hickys:


so that they are not always playing underfoot while i am trying to cook dinner.

tips i learned the hard way:

** save your michael's coupons!  those magnetic sheets are around $11 a piece and don't fit that many paper dolls.  unless, of course, you are much more self-disciplined than me and can resist the temptation to make all of them.

** use tiny, sharp scissors to cut them out.  it will save your hand.

** if i were going to make them again, i would print them on cardstock, as the magnetic paper is not that thick.

** it will use LOTS of colored ink to print these babies-- hope you've got a good printer!

so ya, the girls love them, i love them, i even enjoyed cutting them out-- but they are a little pricey when you include the ink, the paper, and the magnetic paper.

happy monday!



Patty@Granma's said...

I remember the Betsy McCall paper dolls! We didn't get the magazine too often (too pricey) but we would use typing (?) paper and trace our own clothes - and color them.

Tringali Family said...

Well, you save money by making your own laundry soap, you can splurge on these right??? They are very cute!

Peggy said...

When we lived my grandparents during Vietnam my grandma had a subscription to McCall's magazine, it was her one extravagance as she grew and put up ALL of their food. I absolutely loved being allowed to cut out the Betsy McCall paper dolls! When we moved to Germany Grandma lovingly cut them out for me and then shipped them overseas.

Do you have a Staples nearby? We turn in our ink cartridges for a credit when they are running their double or triple dollar credit offer.... every so many months we get a "rebate" check which I turn around and apply to... more ink!

Corey~living and loving said...

awesome! do tell the name of the first set of dolls you featured. My mom actually has a few of those left. I'd love to make some clothes for them. I looked on the site, but didn't see them.

The Sewing Dork said...

I spent half my childhood playing paper dolls! How great to see them again.

sunnymum said...

Good tips! Can't wait to make some magnets!

Amie said...

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Trevor Grayson said...

I spent half my childhood playing paper dolls! How great to see them again.

Thomas said...

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