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well, hello there!


it has been a while. . . how are you?  how were your holidays?  do any fun holiday sewing?

do you know how much i wish we lived closer and could actually sew together?

i need the inspiration of an actual, real-life sewing buddy.  

but you all are the next best thing!

so a great big


to all of my online friends.

and i guess, since you are here, i should show you something sew-y.

last january, my sis-in-law had twin girlies (so fun!).  she asked me to make their blessings dresses (yay!) and even sent her wedding dress to use for fabric (double yay!).

and here is the end result:

the dress was inspired by the original baptism dress (pattern and tutorial here).

i used this tutorial to make these dresses, adding a little nylon chiffon ruffle between the lining and dress.

the headbands have a button from their mama's wedding dress on them.

and this one just had to be in their so you could see their actual cuteness!  the best pinch-able cheekies ever!

and i have some more catching up to do. . . so stay tuned!

until next time,



nest full of eggs said...

this is fabulous ~ I really enjoy projects like this !
the little dresses are just adorable !
I used the fabric from my wedding gown to sew my daughter her Baptism gown ~ it's very sentimental :)

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

Oh goodness gracious, I just love the peekaboo color underneath! Maybe I will have to make a new baptism gown for my next babe, if it's a girl! I just LOVE that idea!

Anonymous said...

So cute! :) Great job.

Beth said...

I love these, they are just great on these adorable little girls.

Stephanie said...

These are beyond amazing leisel! You're so talented and creative. you did a fabulous job. They are precious...and I love them. Thanks for making them for the girls! Wish we lived closer so we could have plenty of sewing dates!

Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

Those are amazing, and I love the importantness of the wedding dress being used! Splended job and those babies are just adorable!

liZ evans said...

Hey lady!
It's good to see you back!
LOVE the dresses. You're awesome.
Don't you live in a state that touches my state? I think so...and that makes almost like neighbors and therefore sewing buddies. Sooooo...get sewing.

:o) mg said...


ps- the house next to me is for sale :)

The Sewing Dork said...

Fabulous dresses, as always! And welcome back.

Michelle said...

Love these! I made the original baptism dress last week. It turned out so gorgoeus-thanls for the pattern!

Kimberly said...

The dresses are amazing! I love them even more knowing fabric came from their moms wedding dress. That is so special. I should do something like that with my dress. I. Am pretty sure my daughters will not want to wear it so I would love for the fabric to be used for something special. You do lovely work!