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(warning:  wordy, somewhat whiny post to follow. . .)

i am still having a hard time getting back into the groove of blogging.

perhaps i spend too much time on pinterest (definite yes!).

or maybe i am just blogged out, but it really seems like there isn't much left to blog about. 

it has all been done.

i can't tell you how many variations of the same scarf i see day after day. . .

and if i want to make a curtain for my window, i don't have sit and figure it out all by myself, i can google it and find a fantastic tutorial all ready to go!

but who wants to read about and see pictures of my using someone else's tutorial?  BOORRRRINNNGGG!

the really successful bloggers have number 1:  fantastic photos. 

i don't have a big, fancy-schmancy camera.

number 2:  they often have 'new' ideas.  something we haven't seen twenty times before.

i am apparently not that creative.  my ideas either don't work out or someone else comes up with the same thing, only they publish their idea the week before i get mine done.

and theirs looks better.

and is easier to understand.

for instance, i have recently tried making my own laundry detergent, after seeing it pinned daily for months.  it is awesome.  i love it.  so, i started working on a blog post about it.  i took pictures, spent time calculating costs, spent time coming up with something witty to say about it, uploading pictures, etc.  and then i realized that everyone else has probably already seen several laundry detergent recipes.  the one i used had really cool looking pics-- much better than mine.  and i was spending lots of time to just 're-post' something that has already been done.

(her pic)

(my pic)

this dress i first saw on grosgrain and wanted so badly to copy it. 

a few months later, the darling little blog Un Petit Design recreated it AND added a free pattern AND has simply adorable photos to go along with it.

so what do you think?  what do you enjoy seeing on a sewing blog?  what inspires you to continue to blog about the things you create?  where do you find your ideas?

am i just lacking passion?

or maybe just an overload of (other people's) ideas?


Lisa said...

I love seeing your items, even if they are "copies". I think it makes me feel like it's worth doing if more than one person does it and CAN do it.

scribblearts said...

Just do what you like and don't worry about us. Personally, I enjoy seeing different takes on the "same" thing--and they never are exactly the same, anyway. You have your own voice and we like hearing it!

Meg said...

What?! I thought you always made fun things. I don't read blogs just for tutorials. I like to see what people make whether original or not. Everyone has their own take on things. I will be totally uninspired by a certain pattern but see someone make it up and become a convert. Don't get yourself down!

Vic said...

Step away from Pinterest. Seriously. THAT is what is killing you.

You can't stop & think about what you want or need to do because "it's all been done, and better".

Switch off. Tune out. Relax. It will come.

Maria said...

I love reading your posts. It doesn't matter they aren't your own idea or someone else's tutorial. You add something special when you do something. That's the really important thing.
May I suggest you something? Why don't you start a new series of altering a pattern as you did with the sweet little dress? I loved that so much. It was so inspiring to me! You could choose a new patern... maybe a jacket or coat this time?

Natalie said...

OH I love Maria's idea - that was such an amazing series. I 100,000% agree with your feeling of seeing the same thing over and over and feeling like it has all been done. Not even just to blog about, but this has leaked into my sewing - it is less of a joy. It is a tough phenomenon to deal with... walk away from the blogs I enjoy so much?? I know balance is the answer but it tough to find it.

I do want to say that I like reading about things from a person I like's perspective even if I've seen it. (And sometimes we can learn different tips from the post, comments, etc.) I like you, and I like what you write about and do so that brings me here. :)

Michelle said...

I don't think blogging is about what other people have made. I think it can be but it's also about sharing your own accomplishments and hopefully you'll attract an audience with a similar view. And even if you don't attract an audience, a blog should satisfy yourself. If it doesn't anymore, maybe you need a break. I think everyone has a different view to share and I enjoy seeing them and it inspires me to achieve my own finishes. You don't even have to say anything witty but offering a new insight or thought can help a reader's thoughts get moving. Also, someone might come across your blog, not one of the others, and see something for the first time. I think ultimately you have to find happiness in it for yourself. i took a long break last year and have just this month jumped right back into it with both feet. I don't mind if anyone's not reading but I've gotten more replies than I've ever had. So I make time for it now because it makes me happy.

Patty@Granma's said...

1. Read less of other people's stuff.
2. Filter, filter, filter - Do you really need to make your own soap?
3. Do what inspires YOU. When you wake up in the morning, before you even open your eyes, ask yourself "what ONE thing do I WANT to accomplish today?" And then work the rest of your day around that.
4. Which reminds me, I want to finish a set of pinwheel blocks before I go to work today, so I'm out a here!

Beth Lemon said...

You've been in my Reader for over year. I also recently deleted more than 1/2 of my sewing blogs because I started getting interested in other things. So keep it up. My camera is crappy too.

miamihoney said...

No worries, share what you like. I read your blog because I like what you share. Nothing is original~ but your spin on it is what is refreshing. Ban the rut! :)

Kimberly said...

I am ditto-ing what a lot of people said. Stop looking at Pintrest, it's overloading you! I love browsing on there but I get so sucked in and spend hours on it. When I could have spent those hours sewing!
I love what you do here. Your costumes are some of my favorite things in blogland. If you do not feel like blogging, take a break. As a reader, I prefer that people write things they care about, not to fill a post. I can tell when someone feels the need to post something every. single. day. It's a lot of filler. I would rather read 1 good post every few weeks, than a months worth of filler.
Make what you want and post what you want.
Personally, I hate writing so I do not blog very often. I would rather take a sharp pencil in the eye. However, I have a blog and feel the need to post there "because I should" right? I was talking about this with a friend about how I find blogging tedious, and she said, "well than don't do it. If it's not something you love, why are you wasting your free time on it?" That statement felt like freedom for me. I know it's simple but it's still true.
Sorry for the novel!

:o) mg said...

Facebook and pinterest have cut into the amount of time I spend sewing. And doing laundry. And dishes. And vacuuming. And spending time with my kids.
I can definitely see it may be dangling close to idolatry as it also cuts into my time spent in prayer. And while I am on a roll, I may as well call it what it is: visual gluttony.

Stephanie said...

i love it when you blog. i check my google reader daily to see if you have done anything. and it doesn't matter if it's been done or's so fun to see someone else's take on it or hear their thoughts on something. so i say...share it all! and're LEISEL. like amazing! ;)

Billie said...

I dont read many sewing blogs, soooooo even if its been done before I am unaware. I enjoy reading your blog! I am even going to attempt to make my daughter your baptism dress. Thanks for the pattern by the way!

Bolo heads said...

I have been thinking about this since you posted the other day. I think that you should post what you find on pinterest and give us your review. I have seen the homemade laundry soap and wondered if it really works. I see all the recipes and wonder if they really taste good or just look good. I know I would have enjoyed your tutorial and your opinion.

The Sewing Dork said...

I agree with the first commenter - I love seeing more than one version of the same thing as well. In fact, I just check in daily for inspiration.

K-Sue said...

I'm glad you haven't stopped, because I just discovered you! I totally get what you're saying about feeling the overload of other folks' very well-done, beautifully photographed projects. But I am with your first commenter - I love to see someone else's take on the same project.