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Back. . . with a VENGEANCE!


how are you?

it feels like it has been forever since we talked. . .

it has been a nice summer, albeit waaaayyyy too short.

but i have missed you!

so i am back.  which some of you may already know, if you follow the sewing-blogland community.  but in case any of you missed it, you can see an actual picture of me here, on project run and play

now you may be thinking:  project run and play?   really?  as in, that little contest that katy from no big dill and kelly from sewing in no man's land and ashley from lil blue boo did last spring? 

and here is my answer:  (clearing throat)  ummmm, yes, yes that is the one i am talking about. 

so am i feeling overwhelmed?  a little (lot) intimidated?  excited?  terrified? 

yep.  all of the above.

and my first post didn't help me to feel any better.

i kinda like the picture (could it be any bigger?!?!?).  the intro leaves a little (LOT) to be desired.  i can't decide if i am just a boring person or lack creativity in descriptions. . . but whatever!  nobody goes to the project run and play blog to read about the designers, right?  we go to see the designs!   

and it feels SO.GOOD. to design again.

it has been a while since i have had a good reason/desire to design something new.

so wish me luck!

and just because it is boring to have a picture-less post, here is my 'girly' version of KoJo's pieced pants:

see you soon!


Judith said...

Just love the expression on her face in your last pic. Think it says it all. welcome back

nest full of eggs said...

welcome back ~ i look forward to following project run & play

The Sewing Dork said...

Welcome home!

Ruth @ Hammer and Thread said...

Don't feel bad about the short description. I have troubles expanding my posts as well. People always are amazed when I write more than 15 words in an email, but I feel if that is all I need to get the point across then why write more. Besides I read your whole intro which is more than I ever do. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

kirstin & jordan said...

awww, love this! :)