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mother's day

i know i am way behind. . . sorry about that!  just bare (or is it 'bear'?) with me a little and i will get caught up. . .

for easter this year, we had stake conference.  really?  on easter?  needless to say, making darling easter dresses just didn't make it on the priority list this year. 

i did manage to get one made for mother's day. . .  for my littlest.   isn't she precious?  i just love that little face. 

i made this dress from a woman's skirt.  you will have to forgive me-- i didn't take any pictures while making it, but i will try to explain my process.

the skirt was a knee-length, full skirt with a shirred waistband.  i chopped the waistband off, several inches below the actual waistband. 

i used a rectangle of fabric that was about 5 inches wide and about 12 inches long, times 2.  i shirred it all up to make the bodice, with a rolled hem edge at the top.  then i gathered the skirt and attached it to the bottom of the bodice. 

the waistband of the original skirt made perfect little straps for the dress.  i just cut them the right length for her shoulders and attached them to the top of the shirred bodice.  the ruffle is just the raw edge from where i cut the skirt off.  super easy, but oh so sweet!

as sweet as this little booger looks, however, she can be quite the stinker!

did i ever tell you that she chopped her own hair?  yes, in december she gave herself a mullet and a full set of bangs.  yuck!  i am thrilled that it is starting to be long enough now to pull it back again.  and this little hair-do keeps those front and side wispies all in place.

and not only is she a 'do-it-yourselfer', she is also extremely stubborn.  on mother's day, at church, she was brought to me, needing to be taken potty.  we start heading down the hallway and she tells me she wants to do it herself. 

ummm, what?

that's a first, even for her.  but she insists, so i follow discretely behind her down the hallway.  i stop to talk to someone, while trying to watch her at the same time.  she dissappears into the bathroom and i decide it is time to help. she is only 2 after all.

i march into the women's bathroom and do a thorough search-- no k3.  i start getting a little nervous.  where could she have gone to?  i was fairly certain i saw her go into the bathroom. . .


she can't read.

MENS room, here i come.

i stop a little boy coming out of the men's room and ask if he saw a little girl in a girl in a green dress in there. 


is there anyone else in there?



i slowly and loudly make my way into the  men's room and see my little twerp thoroughly intrigued by the urinal.  i quickly grab her and exit the men's room.

thank you for that, my little one.  what a fabulous mother's day gift.

how was your mother's day?


Lisa said...

oh so funny!!

Georgine said...

I have that skirt! I bought it when I was pregnant a couple summers ago. Old Navy, right? It is big on me now, so I wear it to the pool. I never thought to refashion it. The bottom is so cute. Thanks for the idea! And I love the "I'll do it.". I get that a lot. Especially when it is something I don't want them to do themselves.

Natalie said...

I love the honesty of this post. Ugh, the men's room. Isn't that just how mother's days go?? I love the dress, and she is an absolute doll. Oh, and it is "bear" with me, like bearing a burden. (Which you are not! lol)

The Wynn Family said...

So funny! I am glad I'm not the only one that has stubborn kids!

Kristy said...

What a lovely dress!

liZ evans said...

I still love this dress. I'm glad you posted it.

Your daughter does have an angelic face...and her being mischieveous makes her even more likeable.

Lynne said...

Hi Leisel,
I wanted to let you know I just linked to you in my blog post. Your beautiful baptism dress inspired the skirt for my baby girl's dress. Thanks for the inspiration!
Take care,