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The Thrifted Throne

Way back when I started this blog, I seriously lacked photography skills.  Like here and here.

As I have taken more pictures, I have slowly improved to the point where once in a while I get a picture I really like.

But something that always stumps me is. . .


The cold and I do NOT get along well.  And since most of the clothing items I make belong in a Vegas climate, my cute girlies aren't friends with the cold, either.

My home does not get great light in any room of the house.

I don't own cutsie/vintage/aqua-colored knick-knacks that make pictures unbelievably gorgeous.  (See here and here).

So, for the last little while I have been searching during my thrift store trips for a chair, hoping to find something that would improve my winter/inside photos.

And here is what I found:

For $5 I found this fancy, old, velvety chair.  Now, if I were a craftier person, I would paint it aqua, distress it and recover it with some Anna Maria. . .

But. . . I'm just not.  So it will have to do.

And it looked very royal -as is- for the Red Queen's throne:

What fabulous finds have you discovered at your local thrift store? 

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The Sewing Dork said...

I agree with everything you said in your post... I too have been trying to improve my photos, using light and props, etc., and I too am dreading the dark winter coming. I bought two really nice hooks which I am going to attach to a spot on our fence outdoors so I can hang clothes on them for winter photos and *hope* they look charming.