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Happy Birthday to. . . ME!!!

Sooooo, I had a birthday this past week (and yes, I am still 29, in case you are wondering).  And I am contemplating what to do with my birthday money.

Since fabric is out of the question (it is coming out of my ears!), the next thing on my wishlist is Japanese pattern books.  But I am having a hard time narrowing it down. . .

Do I want the book with this adorable outfit?

Or this one?

Or this one?

Or perhaps I should get one that is for me for a change. . .

I have found a couple of stores that sell Japanese pattern books that have so many to choose from, I am overwhelmed!   I am beginning to think these patten books are kinda like potato chips. . . betcha can't buy just one!

PinkNelie is on Etsy and located IN the US.  You will get your purchase super fast.

pomadour24 is on eBay and Etsy.  She is in Japan, but ships for free, even to the US!

Decisions, decisions. . .


Anonymous said...

Can I ask a stupid question? I have seen these Japanese books before but never used them. Do they also have instructions in English or is it all in Japanese? Just wondering how you decifer the instructions?


Tringali Family said...

I would so go with the cute skirt with the bow!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!! oooh, I would go with the book that has the cute brown skirt and the one with something for you :)

Little Treasures said...

Buy them all! Buy them all!
I am just like you - crazy over Japanese books and they all look delicious!
And last but not least:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy it!!
(I've been 33 for some time now)

Tringali Family said...

PS Happy birthday!

Andrea @ said...

So what did you chose? Happy belated birthday!

lee woo said...

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