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S4S- It's Cold Outside, Part 2

I am a bad mother.

How do I know this, you ask?

As much as I dislike the cold, I apparently never dressed K1 properly for the cold last year. I managed to dress her in shorts on the coldest day of the fall. Forgot to put long johns on her the day the school went skiing. She never had a hat and gloves on when she should have had them on. It's amazing she didn't freeze to death.

I totally blame it on the fact that our tv provider does not carry any of the local stations, so I can not check the weather on the news.

(Yes, my computer DOES work, but it is exclusively used for creative adventures-- not anything practical!)

Okay, okay-- so you see? I AM a bad mom.

But this year I am determined to be better. And the first step is to have some cute winter gear that will coordinate with her coat.

When I saw this post from Rubber Punkin, I knew I had found at least part of the answer. How could she and I not just adore this little beanie? I used the tutorial to make K1's beanie, only I left it at 3 rows of ruffles, instead of the entire thing.

To add to it, I made a ruffle scarf. And while I have never really been a scarf person, the double thickness on this scarf is so yummy! I am tempted to make one for myself.

To make the coordinating scarf, cut two strips of knit fabric that are 6 inches by the width of fabric. . . although, I might actually make it a little shorter if I were to make it again. Maybe like 45 inches long by 6 inches, depending on age.

I stitched around the the four edges of the scarf with the WRONG sides together, leaving the 1/4 inch edge to curl slightly.

I cut 2 strips of fabric 1 inch wide by width of fabric, then gathered them up. From all my on-line blog reading, I have discovered the fabulous way of gathering by adjusting the tension and stitch length on my machine. If you tighten the tension on your sewing machine, and make the stitch length the longest it will go, your fabric will ruffle right up! Without a ruffler even! Awesome.

Gather up the two strips.

Sew them in place on the scarf using a zigzag stitch. I attached three strips, starting 2 inches above the bottom of the scarf on each side. The rows are close together but not overlapping.

Backstitch at the ends of the ruffle and trim off any excess.

And there you are.

A cute set that will actually get worn! Maybe sewing CAN make me a better mother. . .

Or maybe that is just wishful thinking. . . ;0)

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The Sewing Dork said...

That hat is fabulous! Another inspiring idea of yours.

Brooke said...

So cute!! Love the white!!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

great idea, love the ensemble! It seems fast and easy....I am just not ready to be that cold yet!

Lexie said...

How can that be Kira?!! She is SOOO grownup!