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The Great De-Stash Challenge!

Andrea, at The Train to Crazy and I seem to be on similar wavelengths quite often.

The latest being this:


Andrea has establish the Great De-Stash Challenge, of which I SERIOUSLY need to be a part! I have fabric 'literally' covering the entire floor of my sewing room-- several feet deep in places!
(I can't show you! I just can't. . . It is too embarrassing. . .)

Today is the day!
I am going to go on my own Fabric Fast until my stash has been decreased enough to actually fit into all the shelves/containers/piles that it is SUPPOSED to fit in-- with a little room to spare!

That means I will need to use up some of these. . .

(vintage/thrifted sheets-- gotta love 'em!)

These piles are simply out of control!

(All my knits-- they keep spilling over every time I touch them!)

And I simply HATE having my quilting fabric in these rubbermaid boxes! I can't ever find anything I need without dumping the entire box out and can never remember what is in there. . .

Okay-- that is all I am going to show you. You will just simply have to imagine the rest. . .
So, if you are even a little bit like me, jump over to The Train to Crazy and join the challenge!
I dare you! ;0)
PS If any of you fabulous people live in Idaho, I will pay you ~in fabric~ if you will come and clean up my messy, disasterous room!


sandandstarfish said...

I really wish I lived in Idaho. I love organizing things and I love fabric. *sigh* there's an empty house behind me if you'd like to move down here! i'd come over once a week to organize your fabrics for you ;)

The Sewing Dork said...

Ditto - wish I was in Idaho. I'm going to pop over to Train and take the challenge too. Maybe we should all just swap and "pretend" we're destashing.

Jeanne said...

First, that is a really good idea (Paying someone in fabric to have them come and clean out your area) HMMMM wondering who I can call. And Second, I think a Swap (And pretending we are de-stashing) is another good idea. I joined too, but the biggest problem is I can't find all my fabric, we have moved a few times and it isn't all in one spot so I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT I HAVE. Scarey isn't it? Have you ever watched Hoarding Buried Alive~~~~~~NOW THAT IS SCAREY~~~~~

hungryhippie said...

If you organize a swap that would be so fun! ...and in regards to hoarding-have you seen that movie with Drew Barrymore, she's Jacki O's cousin or something---TOTALLY scary! I don't think they ever threw even garbage away. ;o( yuck

:o) mg said...

pssst - I know it is wrong and totally inappropriate since the topic is "de-stashing" but I covet your vintage sheets.
Maybe you could put them in your linen closet until the de-stashing is over with... y'know, to protect them and all. :)

jaya pratheesh said...

wow i wish i was in your state, i'd love to come and organize your stash (and get paid in fabric!!)