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SYTYCQ- Month 3

The new theme is:

You have until May 15th to finish your quilt.

Quilt on, my friends!


Jessica said...

Oh wow, that theme just intimidated me ;)

9patchnurse said...

Yes, yes, YES!! I love circles! This is a blast, thank you for doing this. And thanks for letting me win the 'at home' games again. This month I am going to twist some arms and maybe throw in a pinch or two, to get some more people to link up. C'mon quilters! Get in the game.

Melissa Stramel said...

Growing up, my parents so had that sheet you have in the circles background! Wow that is nostalgia. They probably still have it.

Amy said...

I had that bedspread, but in the yellow/pink colorway.

I'm looking forward to the next round.