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To Fair or Not to Fair. . .

I have never sold at a craft fair. As a matter of fact, I don't recall that I have ever even BEEN to a craft fair. But there is one that is held not too far from here that I really want to be a part of. So, today I am searching for some info. Have any of you ever sold at a craft fair? Has it been worth your while? Do you have any tips, hints, ideas, suggestions? What size booth should I sign up for? Tell me everything!!!


Linda B said...

Oh, my, do you have an hour or so?
First thing: Find out how many customers regularly attend the event. Secondly, make sure they advertise well. For if they come, they will buy. I've been to events where the only advertising is a banner out by the parking lot the day of the sale.
It is a long, hard day, but so much fun. You also need to consider the area and it's finances and adjust your products accordingly. I live in a very small town, and if I do a local show, I need to take the low end items only.
Good luck. If you never try it, you will always wonder.

missbossypants said...

I can't believe you've never attended a craft fair! I love a great girls day out to a craft show - it's fun, and great for creative inspiration!
The etsy forums have wonderful information on craft shows - booth set ups, display ideas, how much stock to bring, what kind of show to do, etc.
Definitely bring a friend for some help, and I've also heard that impulse items are good sellers (ie: low priced), since people are not buying big ticket items as much these days.
You never know if you don't do it once! Let us know what happens!

Peggy said...

oh my how fun!! Linda B is so correct, advertisment is paramont!! My father-in-law does a number of craft fairs virtually every summer and fall so I always call upon his experience... I am a sporadic craft fair participant at best (move too often...) If there is little advertisement you will be greatly disapppointed. As in real estate, location, location, location. Being stuck in a back, out of the way corner is NOT an ideal location.

Do you have a particular craft fair you are considering? Is it a judged or rated fair? These are fairs where you must submit an example of your work with description prior to the fair. (The idea is to promote local artisans!) Make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand. Determine if you will take orders, is so have they pay in advance. If not in full at least 50%, so if they "change" their mind you have been paid something. Price and sell according to your locale and audience.

All in all I love doing craft shows/fairs but time has been of an essence recently. Yes, I stick with lower cost items which can be made/packaged w/ the assistance of my family. Ideas from years past... shopping bags/purses made from recycled fabrics, homemade soaps (goats milk/olive oil), handcrafted paper, small notebooks, crocheted washclothes, trivets, coasters, votives and holders... Virtually all my products were/are made from recycled fabrics and materials to include packaging. And I must admit pricing has always been contingent upon location.

Hope this helped rather than confused you!

Lisa said...

I don't have any advice, but I think you should get a booth! You are so talented!!

Kathy said...

My advice is be sure you can accept credit cards since many people do not carry much cash these days. You always will increase your sales if you can accept credit cards.

Melissa Stramel said...

Okay Miss Leisel. In my professional opinion, do it once for the fun of it. But unless you're going to be a professional craft-shower, don't expect to make too much money. Oh and see if you can go in with someone else who already has a tent and some tables! :)

superstitches said...

Do the craft fair for the experience. I've done several local ones and haven't had much success. Of course, this depends on your area. I have friends that do very big ones and have great success. The weather can also have quite an influence on attendance and ultimately sales. Do it with a friend so that you have some company and can leave your booth to walk around and take breaks.