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A Winner and Other Bits of Randomness

We have a winner! (

The winner of the Can-Can Skirt giveaway is:

Angela, who said: thanks for the giveaway! beautiful, beautiful skirts! i would love to win one for my niece. :)

I don't have an email for you, Angela, so please email me at as soon as possible!

And a few bits of randomness-

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you have a question that you ask in the comments, make sure you give me a way to reach you. I love answering questions, and I feel so bad when I can not find a way to respond to your questions. I don't remember how I did it, but there is a way to change your profile in blogger to allow your comments to be responded to directly to your email.

In answer to few questions about the Can-Can skirts, I purchased the chiffon at To make the different shades of color, use two differnt colors and overlap them to get a third color. For example, on the green skirt, I used Kelly green for the bottom layer. Then on the next layer up, I used Mint green on top of Kelly green. The middle layer is Mint green. Next layer is Mint green with white on top. Top layer is white. Also, I made mine a little 'twirlier' than Dana. The black and gray skirt was actually made for a tall 12 year old, just about large enough for me to wear (I am short!). It was easy to make in the adult size and looks fab! So if you like ruffles and twirly skirts- go for it! Make one for YOU! I would love to see someone model it.

A little detail on So You Think You Can Quilt. The 10 contestants actually competing in the competion will remain annonymous. If you are playing along from home, you will NOT be annonymous. I will have a way for you to link your creation starting on March 1.

The chiffon on the Can-Can skirts says it should be handwashed. I tried washing a completed skirt on the gentle cycle in my washing machine and it came out beautifully! I layed it flat to dry. Of course every machine is different, so wash at your own risk!

Okay, I think that is all. Have a happy Wednesday!


Becky Gonce said...

I just found your blog and I think you must be the next crazy mom quilts! Amazing.. and I love all the clothes you sew for your girls! Don't know how you manage all that.. I just have one girl and a boy and can't seem to get much sewing done... just in sperts. Anyway, I am glad I found you, now I'll have some inspiration to jump into the many dress and jumper and skirt patterns I have for my girl! Thanks! =-)

thea said...

love the numbers!!! and your girls' clothing is just beautiful!