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Vintage Ruffle Scarf

I am kinda excited to get to blog about some of my projects again! I have a lot to show you. . . I think I will start with this one.

I spotted this little scarf on Ruffles n' Stuff and just needed to make one. Scarfs are not really something I ever wear (even in Idaho!), so I have never made a scarf. Ever. It was kinda fun!

I have tons of vintage trim from my Grandma, so this was a piece of cake! Here is how mine turned out:

And a close-up:

Just lovely!


cindi said...

I like this...especially how you have white and ivory trims mixed together. It's adorable!

rockgranny said...

May I steal your idea and make a scarf for me?

Judy Hartman said...

Really feminine! I can see it worn with a pretty spring sweater or blouse. Great idea!

Andrea said...

I love this! I have a new Thursday carnival called Make it, Wear it if you want to stop on by and link up!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy

Marfa said...

That scarf is adorable. I hate wearing anything around my neck, but I would put it up as decoration in my bedroom. It looks like something that would look great draped somewhere in a bedroom.