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Contestant #9

I remember being fascinated with art from a very young age. Each time we would visit a store I would beg my Mom for a new craft project. I would promise that I would even finish this one if she would just buy it for me. Thankfully she almost always gave in to my pleas and even tried some of the new projects as well. Over the years it appeared that I failed at many of these projects because I didn't finish them, but I've now learned that by Mom allowing me to try new things I was able to grow, learn and eventually succeed.

I made my first quilt as a teenager when I helped to tie a quilt at a church meeting. I was amazed at how easy it seemed to be, especially when I learned that it could be done without a frame. I conned my sister into helping me and she and I tied a queen sized quilt on our living room floor for our grandparents. It wasn't the best quilt but they loved it and it held up for many years.

I have taken a few quilting classes but most of my quilting skills have come from asking questions, reading books and experimenting. A few years ago I discovered blogs and have learned a lot from these great sources of information. I have a B.S. degree in Journalism with a minor in Art but most of my career has been spent as a full time mother to one son and three daughters. My husband is a great support to me and allows me to continue experimenting with my art even though he rarely understands it. =D Feel free to stop by and check out my blog where I document my experiments as well as other parts of my life: