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All Tied Up

Another nephew present:

A tie! So much fun to make-- and so easy! And I love how the fabric just worked for this perfectly! I got the pattern at It ALMOST makes me wish I had a boy to doll up in ties-- almost. ;0)


Stephanie said...

I have been meaning to call you....THANKS! for the fun gifts. I love homemade gifts. I can't wait to have him wear the tie. Thank you thank you!

Lacey said...

That looks awesome, good job!!!

Dee said...

that is one way cool tie!

Great job.

Happy New Year!

Peggy said...

This is wonderful! I live in a house full of males! Maybe I can get them to start wearing ties again if they are involved in the designing process

Lisa said...

Very cool! I found one for adults too, since my boys are older. Love your fabric choice!