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Sisterly Love. . .

Not only do I have three girls of my own, but I am also one of three girls (have I mentioned that I love girls?). Both of my sisters came to visit about a week ago, along with my nephew. Fun times. . . And. . . lucky me! They actually wanted to sew while they were here! Can you believe it? I can't really. My youngest sister is Miss Athletic/Hiker/Trainer/Volleyballer/Whatever and I figured it would be hard to get her to sit still long enough to sew--but--BUT-- she wanted to make blankets for her in-laws this year for Christmas. So, we sewed.

The first is for her hubby's parents-- I love the colors of this one! It is just enough Christmas-y, without overdoing it. And of course, the minky dimple dots are so fun and soft!
The second is for her sis-in-law-- nicknamed BUBBA. This was my first time with applique-ing (how the heck to do you spell THAT?). It is a little tricky. And I forgot how much I LOVE to work with fur (do you sense the sarcasm in there?). But it turned out so fun and SOOO soft. Hope they love them!


Lacey Geddes said...

yah!!!! you finished them!! They look awesome! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! They turned out great...they will love them. Oh and Todd is very impressed!

Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan said...

I love the first one! The colors are beautiful.