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Dear Brown Paper Packages Readers,

As much as I love you all, this blog will be closed for the season due to the cold weather and the author's inability to take decent pictures inside.



Okay, okay. . . I'm just kidding. I don't know how long I could actually survive without this blog. . . but this cold thing/picture thing is really getting to me. So if anyone has any grand ideas on how to take some decent indoor pics, please share. . .


Lisa said...

I always take pictures inside during the morning. The light is so nice coming into our home. Any other time of the day is not that great.

Vic said...

You can make the cruddiest shots look decent... really!

wishes, true and kind said...

For me it's like this: at least with all the dark, I have an excuse for my lack of photography skills.

Heather said...

If you use a flash, get back quite a ways, and use the zoom, so the flash isn't as bright.

Or, use an area with lots of windows and natural light. Position the item near the window, but don't photograph the window- the glare will make for a crappy photo.

Early day photos are best, because the lighting is better at that time of day. Once that evil 4 letter word I refuse to say yet is on the ground, the lighting will be better, because it's so reflective.

Good luck!

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