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Trial and Error

I am getting worried that I might not survive this Halloween season. It is supposed to be a fun time of year, right? Instead I am dealing with cosutmes that require WAY to much trial and error. Here is the first not-able-to-find-a-tutorial-ANYWHERE costume challenge: the hat.

Version 1:

Not quite what I had in mind. . .

Version 2:

Close, but not quite there. . .


Much better! Still not perfect-- but it will work for one night. Whew! Finally. Now, I just need to make 5 more. . . (I told you I was crazy!) Now, if only I hadn't used all my supplies and time on un-usable trials.

The next challenge: the boot. Wish me luck!


Tringali Family said...

Very impressive, I am excited to see it all together.

Lacey Bates said...

I love it, very cool!!! I looooove the final product! You did an awesome job and I love that you have all the trial and error hats.

Lisa said...

Good luck! All the hats look great, but I love the last one the best. Of course the cute model helps too :)

Brooke said...

Oh LEISEL!!!!!!! I am so sorry that you have so much to do!!! I promise I will make it up to you somehow, someway, if that's even possible!! You are amazing and so freaking talented!!! Have I told you lately how much I love you!??! Also, that hat looks amazing!!