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A Little Hello and a How-To!

Hello, my favorite friends in blogland! I very much miss sharing fun crafty goodness. . . I am sewing like a crazy mad woman-- but I can't show you anything yet-- darn it! So, I thought I would share a little how-to in the mean time.

I am always suprised when I read on other crafty blogs about how dreaded it is to change the color of serger thread. I consider myself kinda lazy when it comes to stuff like that, but seriously, I have never had much trouble changing my serger thread. I have changed it 5 times today, as a matter of fact.

Now, this has got me thinking, that maybe I know something you don't know (that's a first!). So, I thought I would share my Quick and Easy Serger Thread Changing How-To.

*** Disclaimer: I have two Bernina sergers. I have never used a different brand and I have no idea if this will work on anything a Bernina. Hope it does-- let me know if you try it on another brand. Oh, and I have a three spool and four spool machine. Works well on both.

First things first. Cut your threads close to the spool. Now, change your thread to the new color. Tie your threads in a square knot (right over left, left over right-- if I have my knot-tying skills correct). It is very important that you make a very secure knot-- this won't work if your knot slips out!

Important!!! Write down your serger knob settings. Don't skip this! Turn all your tensions knobs to 0 (zero). Raise your needle and presser foot.

Now, slowly and gently, pull your threads a short ways away from the presser foot (about 2 or 3 inches). The threads should come out non-serged (if that makes any sense!).

Now, cut the serged part off.

You are going to GENTLY pull each thread separately through your machine, until the knot comes out past the foot. One of the threads you will pull is the looper thread and will just be a short thread that immediately pulls itself out. After that one pulls through, you should have three (or four-depending on your machine) main threads. All of mine pull through quite easily, except the needle thread. Sometimes my knot will not pull though the eye of the needle and I have to hand thread the needle. But that is the only tricky part.

Once you have all the knots pulled though, MAKE SURE THAT YOU READJUST YOUR TENSION KNOBS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SETTINGS!!! I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten this step and it really doesn't work very well. Oh, and lower your presser foot.

And that is it. All done. Now have fun serging with any color of thread!


Lisa said...

I love this tip! The lady who sold me my 1st serger gave me this tip as well. It does work on other machines as well. I've had 2 other brands (not bernina) and it's worked on both.

The Keptwench said...

I've done this on my various sergers over the years and it works great. I am sadly Bernina deprived, though. Someday.. :) A quick tip for the settings: instead of (or in addition to) writing down the numbers) take a close up photo of the dials.. that will help a _lot_ when you can't remember if you wrote the numbers down right to left or left to right. :)

日月神教-向左使 said...