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The Market Skirt and the Apricot Tree

Before you read this post, you HAVE to visit this site to see where my inspiration came from.

Done? Okay, now is that not the CUTEST skirt you have ever seen? When I saw this I knew I needed to make one for all of the girlies. And I couldn't wait for the tutorial (I need some patience!). So, here is my take on it-- not quite as cute as hers, but not bad.

Oh, and if you are as in love with these as I was, well, you can find the tutorial here. Have fun!


dana said...

oh my gosh! Are you kidding??! those turned out great! ADORABLE! And cute with the walmart shirt in red!
Thank you so much for sharing with me! Maybe I should start another flickr group....

Angela said...

I like it!! Good job! Yours look very close to the original!

BTW, if you still want the pattern, Made came out with the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Love your version with the checks. They look just as lovely as Dana's. Your girls look adorable. I'm about to attempt to make two for my little girls using Dana's tutorial. Hope mine turn out as nice as yours did.