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I have fallen and I can't get up!

No, I didn't fall and break my elbow again (thank heavens!). But I have fallen off my very own bandwagon. . . I did not stick to my Flights of Fancy/Shirring week. It lasted for several days, and I did get some things accomplished (I can't wait to share them with you- but they are suprises!). And then. . . well. . . I lost sight of the end goal. But I am still working like crazy, just on various other things. My mind does not stay put very long apparently.

But on a happier note. . . I am starting to LOVE the DI. It is seriously like the busiest place in town. And I have never been too keen on the idea of using someone else's old stuff-- I am too impatient to search through everything to find the really good stuff. But-- BUT-- the DI has fantastic, vintage patterns for 50 cents a piece!!!! Whole stacks of them!!! I couldn't resist on my latest trip-- I bought about 17 of them. But they are soooo cool! And to buy them on eBay or Etsy, they cost between $3-$12 each-- seriously! Plus shipping! Take a look at my new treasures:

What am I going to do with them, you ask? Ummm, good question. I might try to sell some of them. . . others I might use for myself or for the girls or. . . who knows? What would you do with them?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love them! I would make some of them and with my favorite pictures I would probably frame them and decorate my sewing "corner".