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Heidi MADE me do it!!!

Sooooo, is there a 'get out of jail free' card or anything on my "Fabric Free Month"? Cause ummmm, I failed-- but just this once! I am back on track. Cross my heart and hope to die, double pinky swear.
But, here is the story.

My mom has ANOTHER friend having twins (really- no kidding!), a girl and a boy. So I actually needed to get some fabric for those quilts. I had something specific in mind and I headed to the fabric store to get only that. Here are the fabrics for the twin quilts:

A little more matchy-matchy than I really like, but I think they will be cute. I am excited to try them out.

And then, I saw these:

Heidi Grace-- my very favorite Jo-Ann's fabric designer. And this is a new line. And it was on sale. Oh dear me!

And since I had broken my rule anyway, I threw these in for good measure. My nephew is having a John Deere party for his first birthday, so I am making a quilt to go along with it. And just a few extras for fun.
And I am loving the idea of an orange quilt for some reason and saw this ADORABLE tree fabric that I just couldn't resist. I am going to add lots of orange to it and just a touch of aqua. Yay! I can't wait to make that one!
So, that's my story. I am weak.


Tringali Family said...

You have such a great eye for these things! I ended up making the girls that faith top...SOOOO CUTE! I then made headbands too! I will post pics of it soon.

Lexie said...

That is the cutest John Deere fabric! I'm so excited! And I love the fabric for the twins' blankets. So cute!

Lisa said...

That tree fabric with the orange is my favorite! Who is the designer for those?

Lacey Bates said...

Awesome fabric!!!