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AmandaJean's 9-Patch Quilt-Along

Yay! I joined my first quilt-along! I have no idea what I was thinking. . . don't I have enough projects already? But I am really excited to be a PART of the online crafting world instead of just watching it. Anyway, here is how it works. We each make one of these blocks a day and by mid-summer, we should have enough for a large throw quilt. And we use up some of our scraps. Can't go wrong there. Here are my first week's squares:

If you want to join, too, it would be a great first quilt, as the blocks are pretty easy. Or a great way to use up some scraps. Just go on over to Crazy Mom Quilts to get the info.

I have to say, I was suprised at how few scraps I really have. . . I know, I know. But I am saving all my Flights of Fancy scraps for some other projects and I really haven't finished enough others to have any scraps. . . Hmmmm. I guess I will just have to work really hard at finishing LOTS of projects so I will have more scraps. . . ;0)


Bridget said...

So cool! Love your 1st week squares. It will be fun to see your progress each week in your quilt-a-long marathon.

Lisa said...

I wanted to start this too, but I just have too many other things to do first! I know, I should be like you and do it anyway :)

Maybe, someday soon...