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And the winner is. . .

Okay, so here is what happened: I decided I wanted to have two winners. I am all into quilting anyway, I have the fabric anyway, and I LOVE to give stuff away. So, one number would be picked by RANDOM.ORG and then I would have one of the girls pick another number from a mug with the numbers in it. Well, interestingly enough, both the girls wanted to pick a number, SOOOO, there are three (yes, three) winners to the quilt giveaway. (I am CRAZY!!!)

Winner #1- S and Q
Winner #2- Eric and Amy
Winner #3- Bridget

So, just email me your address ( when you get a chance and I will get to quilting! Hopefully (please pray for me!), I will have all three done in the next three months.

PS Thank you all so much for your comments! Either you way overestimate my abilities or I way underestimate them, but either way-- it means a lot to me!

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Holy Fat Quarters! I am SO happy I really will have a Leisel Paysant Original (LPO) coming to my doorstep. The power of positive thinking really does work! :):):)

Pure bliss...thank you, Leisel and lucky Paysant girls for picking my number. I am over the moon with joy.